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Foreclosure Defense And Loan Modification

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You might be behind on your mortgage payments and worried your home will be foreclosed on, we're glad you found us. You may not be aware of your rights or of how the process works but that doesn't mean you should be rushed into a decision or fail to get the expert assistance you need. We can explain your options to you clearly and provide you the help you need to move forward. 


Loan Modification and Home Retention in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan.

If you’re used to vague, impersonal service, you’re not alone. Too many law firms and real estate advisors have taken the customer out of customer service, focusing on little else but the bottom line. At Program Assistance Corp. you’re guaranteed something different. We believe in face-to-face customer service, offering you a fully customized experience. Whether you need to make a simple help with refinance or avoiding foreclosure, our talented team can assist you every step of the way. 


he first step in avoiding foreclosure is learning about your mortgage rights. We will explain them to you during your free consultation but you can learn some preliminary information by reading your loan documents and reviewing the following information:

Whether you can reinstate the loan by catching up on your past-due sums

The amount of the monthly late charge

Any other fees the lender can charge when your payments are late

Next, you will want to gather and organize your monthly income and expense information. That will help us assess your options. Here are a few of the foreclosure defense possibilities we will want to review with you:

Loan elimination.  We can get rid of the interest on your loan or better yet the loan itself without damaging your credit. Our team of investigators goes through the history of your mortgage to find discrepancies that benefit you and allow us to force the bank to pardon your loan.

Loan modification. This is a permanent change to your mortgage which might reduce the necessary monthly payment by extending the time you have to pay off the loan or it might lower the monthly payment sum by reducing the interest rate. More on this below.

Refinancing agreement. Maybe you are not yet behind on your payments but see trouble ahead. You may qualify for a replacement loan which reduces your monthly payment.

Repayment plan. Maybe your payment difficulty is temporary. You might qualify for a forbearance agreement, in which the lender reduces or suspends the payments required for a temporary period.